April 2013

Posted by Mark Moss

It seems warm weather will never get here… but that keeps me busy inside getting things done that need to be done!

Our recording sessions have been delayed due to scheduling but they are coming along. We’re going to record 7 new songs to add to the 5 from our first EP in Super Size Seven. These next 7 will have some heavier songs in them, some goofy songs (of course) and what our fan base expects. We’re looking for a release party this summer.

I’ve booked some new venues in the last year solo and with the band, we plan on doing more of that throughout 2013 and beyond too. Fresh scenery and fun.

I was asked about another acoustic CD. I do have plenty of material to do that, I just have a lack of time (which just means I’m never bored). No schedule for the next acoustic CD yet but will give a shout out in plenty of social media circuits when that occurs. Keep live music live and support your local musicians!!! See you at the shows!