August 22, 2010

Posted by Mark Moss

A little catch up on news, I’ve been remiss! Summertime is nearing its end and summer tends to fly by quickly when everyone is busy. Speaking of busy here’s a recap of summer 2010:

Algona Freedom Rally – we got lost on the way, the Jeep starter decided to act up in the heat and hard driving so we had to push start it a few times, but got there on time and kicked some ass to start off the weekend right. Woke up early after camping out, broke out the guitar, drove home with the top off the Jeep and got crispy (especially Emmett’s head) was in the sun too long and enjoyed every second of it!

BBQ Roundup downtown Cedar Rapids – as always starting the lunch hour on Friday is interesting but got things rolling for the Gin Blossoms that night. But later that night SS7 was at Cedar River Landing and I guess more people wanted to see that than Gin Blossoms… hmmm… that’s cool by us. Tuscan came along and sang for everyone on stage too (show stealer) :o)

Taste of Tipton – We came, we saw some old friends and made new ones, I broke some gear and was a little crabby but as always the show goes on!

Linn County Fair – Opened for Firehouse and got to hang with those guys for a while. Totally laid back guys, not pretentious at all and they rocked as good or better than you’ve ever seen them. Gunnar had a medical issue but came through fine for those who were asking, we meant to let you know what happened. Dr. gave him a script that interacted harshly with another so kidneys didn’t like that.

Chrome Horse Outdoors – Back in the saddle at the Chrome, it was hot, hot, hot but everything went smoothly once the sun went down. People started to rock just as we were wrapping it up (due to noise ordinance codes and statute of limitations on noise permits blah, blah, blah)

ABATE Patriot Ride – Qwaski, these guys are a little nuts so it was really nice out all day and a big steak dinner after riding in the hot humidity and a few beers took out much of the late night group, but others backfilled any void and hey – got to camp out with the Mighty Tuscan before the river overflowed its banks!

CRL Acoustic shows abound, for some reason those pictures don’t all make it onto Facebook – ? Something about “protecting the ‘innocent’ (ahem)” BTW still working on a picture page for this site but all in due time…

Chicago – nuff said, any time I get a chance to revisit some stomping grounds (or should I say kicking grounds?) I jump at it. Had a blast there as I knew I would!

Generations Lounge in Oelwein – Wow, was this a pleasant surprise! Leo’s has awesome Italian food, 3rd generation family recipes, and I’ve eaten a LOT of Italian this year. Almost ate too much to perform for 3 class reunions in a stellar venue. I’ll be back there for sure!

Atkins Watermelon Days – Did acoustic in the beer tent and had some beers, did SS7 in the evening and EVERYBODY had a few beers. Fireworks, blinky beads, live music, cold Miller Lite for me at least – hell yeah!

Sweet Corn Festival – Did acoustic in the beer tent and had some beers, did SS7 in the evening and again EVERYBODY had a few beers! It rained “like a cow pissing on a flat rock” to quote Steve and whoever didn’t leave crammed under the tent for a positive jam. It was sloppy and muddy and a great time – we were waiting for a mud slide contest that didn’t transpire, we figured Catholics don’t like to risk spilling beer…

The rest of this summer is busy as well, the next two weekends I’m on 3 nights in a row, then 4 nights in a row either acoustic or band. These aren’t 90 minute shows, they’re 4 hours each, just sayin’

On deck: Checkers; Wee Willy’s; Chrome Horse; CRL; Jameson’s (new venue for us in Waterloo); Private Houseboat Party -?; Conesville; and a tour bus in the works, more to come…