July update

Posted by Mark Moss

I’m a bit early but with everything going on I figure it’s okay?

So I’ve been rocking out with Sunset Strip here in the Dallas area with some great rockers, some veterans in the music industry and some new talent as well. As imagined it’s 80’s style hair metal and fun stuff you would recognize if you lived through the era and weren’t listening to garbage. It’s my opinion sure, but this is my page.

Anyway, this gives me an outlet to have some fun shredding some great tunes with great guys and singing some harmonies which I love to do. We’re in the process of updating our EPK (electronic press kit) with some new video / audio and antics. I’ll be sure to post some links in the next post.

On top of that, I’ve been jamming with some great guys doing more of a 90’s style with post punk, some grunge, iconic songs from that era as well. Singing some backups and playing guitar in that one too. We’re still under the radar right now and building up the band but all are versatile musicians with experience. Once this Covid shit is no longer the cause du jour in an election year, we’ll probably be playing out in that too – I’ll talk it up!!

As always, the solo acoustic shows are starting to come back slowly with everything being slow to open. But I decided to do another livestream on my Facebook page @markmoss.net if you’d like to check that out. 7/2 4pm but

I’m may be late since this one will be at an undisclosed location!

The original project is still going strong, it’s just delayed. And I have plans for more live performances online should this virus / political climate continue. I won’t pontificate on that any further, I’ll leave that to the lyrics.

Rock on!