June 2012

Posted by Mark Moss

Change is constant and the only thing you can count on, or so it is said. Some new changes this year to acoustic shows and SS7 shows. New material, a CD release for SS7 and more travel for acoustic shows.<br />
<br />I had a wonderful chance to play a wedding in North Carolina this year followed by a week off with family. It sure makes the time fly by when you keep busy – but I love being busy!<br />
<br />It looks to be a busy summer on that note. Keep checking the schedule for shows near you.<br />
<br />We’ve received some great reviews for our 5 song EP that we released in April of this year. If you haven’t received one, they’re free. Just email me an address on where to send one. The only price is I’ll let you know (via weekly email) where we’re playing next either solo or SS7. If you want to hear a sample check out the Facebook page www.facebook.com/supersizeseven. Some new acoustic songs in the works too, all in due time… Thanks for rocking out and see you at the shows!