May 2011

Posted by Mark Moss

Another busy summer ahead and who isn’t ready for some warm weather? The bus is rolling for SS7 for those who have seen it. It’s kind of like having the headaches of a car and a house altogether, but it makes gigs further away a lot easier to coordinate.

So we started booking shows further away starting this month in Waterloo, some in the Quad Cities area, maybe even a trip to Chicago-land if we can work out the details!

I’ve booked some shows well into 2012 already, so I’m managing to stay busy but it truly is a labor of love. I’m thankful for the gifts given me and try to do something to expand my horizons musically every day! This was something that is asked of me often and wanted to answer in this forum.

SS7 has done a few “unplugged” shows too just to mix things up a bit and the shows were quite a hoot (nothing like unplugged Rage, lounge style) and there are some more of those planned for later 2011 in case you missed them over the winter. Thanks for rocking out and see you at the shows!