May 23, 2010

Posted by Mark Moss

I had a blast at Checkers and the SEECMO conference (I think I finally got that right) was a lot of fun too which I think surprised the attendees. I met some really great people at both of those shows that I hope to see again sometime. I sang in Erin and Andy’s wedding on Saturday and things went smoothly, they’re happily married and a really fun couple with some great friends and family. I didn’t stick around for the reception so I missed the really fun part and didn’t get a chance to banter with the groomsmen (or bridesmaids). Best of luck you guys!<br /><br />I performed an acoustic version of “I’m The Idiot!” at my show at Checkers, look for more of that fun at upcoming shows. We’re pretty stoked about this CD project, it’s just that obligations (like paying bills) get in the way of creativity. But we won’t give up, the show must go on as they say and we plan on doing just that.