November, 2010

Posted by Mark Moss

Still not “out of wax” from burning at both ends! Much is going on, I’ve scaled back a bit on some shows to focus on our coach that we will be using for SS7 shows. You won’t be able to miss it, pictures will be up soon.

Speaking of SS7, we’re finally going to break down and get a Facebook page. We’ve actually hired a person to maintain it which was why it hadn’t happened before. The problem is keeping it up to date along with other websites!!!

We’re booking shows well into 2011 so far, and we’re going a little further out (hence the coach) and also booking some other venues that are new for us which adds a little zest to our shows. Some people still don’t know what to think of those tattoos…

Been doing a lot of traveling for work as well, so if you haven’t seen me out as much, been busy. But shows will have more and more original material which brings me to the next project……

Yes, there is another CD on the horizon, everything in due time. Songs are written so it’s a matter of scheduling it.

Thanks for rocking out and see you at the shows!